"EPICS operates off of grants from the United States Department of Education and the State of New Mexico, as well as off of generous donations from people like you."


What does EPICS do?

EPICS provides support to families of children with disabilities, especially around Individualized Education Programs and Individualized Family Service Plans.

Where does my donation go?

Donations go toward aiding all aspects of the organization, including providing the resources needed to provide support and information to families all across New Mexico.

Why is my donation important?

A lot of the families that EPICS serves do not have access to the internet or to resources available. Through outreach and training we are able to reach parents and grandparents who would not otherwise know about services that their children are eligible for.

How much should I donate?

Every dollar helps.

It costs:

  • About $1 to print 15 EPICS brochures.
  • About $20 to provide an hour of consultation to a parent on the phone.
  • About $100 for an EPICS staff member to advocate at an IEP meeting in Albuquerque.
  • About $500 to hold a 2-hour training session in Gallup.